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An Integrative Approach to Mental Health and Whole Person Wellness

It is our belief that in mental health, healing occurs by treating the whole person. It’s with this belief that we have created a Therapy Collective of practitioners specializing in mental health, nutrition, massage therapy, body movement and other holistic integrative practices. At Integrative Therapy of Nashville, clients have access to a collective group of clinicians offering comprehensive treatment options for their individual and family needs.

Integrative Holistic Care

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Chronic Pain

chronic pain

Couples Therapy

therapy nashville couples

EMDR and Brainspotting Therapy

EMDR Brainspotting trauma therapy

Perinatal Health & Lactation

Nutritional Therapy

Movement and Mindfulness Therapy

Women’s Issues

women's issues

Welcome to Integrative Therapy of Nashville

Hi, we are so glad you are here! We hope that as you explore our site, you will see the heartbeat of this Collective is YOU!

We have brought together a highly competent team of like-minded clinicians who approach mental health wellness by treating the whole person.

We seek to be trauma-informed and culturally-inclusive as we honor each client that walks through our doors .

All of our practitioners operate in their own private practices. This means that they share our values while maintaining their autonomy as a professional provider. Please contact us if you see a therapist who seems like the best fit for you.We can also make a recommendation based on your specific needs.

We hope that as you enter our space you will notice our passion, authenticity, humor and hospitality. Our goal is for you to feel safe, comfortable and cared for as you begin your healing process.


Melanie Reese & Leah Lennox


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Meet the Integrative Therapy of Nashville Team


Trina Herbert Winters, LPC-MHSP


Psychotherapy With Children  Therapy with Trina There are feelings, body responses and a story associated with our experiences and we need to process all 3 of these to find resolution. For this reason, Trina uses integrated techniques including Play Therapy,...
Melanie Reese

Melanie Reese, LMFT, CCTP

Psychotherapy With Adults

Psychotherapy with Adults Melanie Reese is a board-certified, psychotherapist in Nashville, Tennessee and is the Owner of Trauma Therapy of Nashville, a private practice on Music Row. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Melanie’s...
Leah Lennox LPC MHSP

Leah Lennox, LPC-MHSP

Psychotherapy with Children, Adolescents & Young Adults

Co-Founder/Clinical Director/LPC-MHSP Psychotherapy With Children, Adolescents & Adults Therapy with Leah My goal as a therapist is to partner with the parent, and work to uncover the true heart of a child, the one hiding behind all the difficult behaviors....

Michelle Winer, M.Ed., LPC-MHSP (Temp)

Psychotherapy with Adolescents & Adults

Therapy With Michelle Throughout her graduate program, Michelle worked in residential and outpatient mental health settings, including The Ranch and Freeman Recovery Center. Michelle completed a 9-month internship at the highly respected Osher Center for Integrative Medicine, where she was trained in mindfulness facilitation...

Integrative Therapy of Nashville provides space and support services to the mental health providers in this office. Each practitioner is independently licensed and is operating their own practice. They are solely responsible for the services they provide and the manner in which they are performed and are not agents or employees of Integrative Therapy of Nashville.